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Hauora – Wellbeing

Mar 23, 2023

Hey guys, I’m Zoe. (she/her) One of the Hauora captains for this year. I have been part of the Hauora committee for the past two years and am really excited to be the leader this year. One of the main goals I want to focus on to improve student’s mental health is by implementing balance into their weekly routines. I think with help from us alongside the counsellors we will be able to help the students achieve a better relationship with the school and their mental health. As school is a large part of students’ lives. I can’t wait to work alongside the consolers and make a positive impact for Garin!!

Hey, I’m Sharmaine! (She/her) I’m one of the school’s Hauora captains and a really strong advocate for mental health and the concept of Hauora. I’m passionate about talking about mental health and normalising talking about it and to this day, there is still such a huge stigma surrounding mental health. I know, from personal experience and also from the people I know and love, that so many kids our age struggle with our mental health to the point we may feel extremely helpless and one of my goals for this year is, (with the help from my lovely co-captain, Zoe) is to help other students get the help they need and deserve. We can’t wait to show you the amazing and exciting things we have planned for this year!

If you’re as passionate as us about Hauora, we’d be delighted to meet you and have your help in our Hauora Committee! We accept anyone from different walks of life, and we’d love to hear from you and have you on our team 🙂



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