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Journey Camp – Year 13

Feb 11, 2022

A snapshot from Journey Camp, by Livia Ashton

“Wednesday began with an alarm. An alarm telling us to hurry up and get out of bed, because our group was on breakfast. When other people woke up and came to breakfast, they found cereal, toast, fruit salad, and an array of hot drink choices. Mostly tea and coffee. After breakfast, it was straight to our first activity for the day. We met up with Lucy, and she told us we were starting around the camp site for orienteering. Pretty soon, we had split off into groups and were pretty far away from the lodge. I found myself with three other girls running downhill to find a certain road, then turning right back around to run uphill so that we could make it to Black Hill in time to climb over (or around) the hill to hunt for clues. We had a time frame, of course, and were also equipped with a map and walkie talkies. After only a little while, we heard Lucy’s voice come through the walkie talkie, telling the boys to stop talking to each other through it. They had been using code names to talk to each other about their position and amount of clues found. We had to have a laugh about that. When we got back to the lodge, Lucy gave us a nearly impossible puzzle to solve using the answers from orienteering”.


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