Junior SISS Netball Tournament

Aug 25, 2019

On Sunday July 7 our 9A and 10A netball teams loaded up the vans for the drive down to Christchurch for the Junior SISS Netball Tournament. This event was what we’d been working towards since training for the season began. After the obligatory shopping stop, we arrived at our motel and got ourselves organised for the following day. Perspectives from different people are below:

10A – Netball tournament was great. There were challenging times but we pulled through them. This tournament really brought us together as a group, and even though we didn’t win any games we still held our heads high. We still had our pride because it’s not all about winning; it’s about the experience and the trying. Every single girl there put their blood, sweat and tears out on the court (maybe not every game) but we still tried our hardest and that’s what matters overall. The trip was really good and we all took away something new from the whole thing.

9A – It was a cool opportunity to play lots of different teams. We had some tough games and tough losses (especially on the first day) – but came away with 3 wins overall which we were really stoked with. We tried really hard to play our game and our values – which was hard sometimes! Our teams were really supportive of each other and in our last game the 10’s were so loud and really helped us lift to finish with a really close win. Aside from the netball, we enjoyed the swimming sessions and the free wi-fi at the Warehouse (we knew it wasn’t out of order at the motel – we saw through the conspiracy).

The grown-ups – we were really proud of how hard the teams worked to get to Christchurch – both on the court and with their fundraising efforts. We were also super proud of how they played while there. There were some really tough games, but we kept our chins up and kept working hard. A highlight was definitely the support from the 10’s in the 9’s final game which helped them lift and play a fantastic last quarter to steal a win. And yes – it was a conspiracy about the “broken internet” but you all seemed to cope okay!


  • A massive thank you to our families for their support week in, week out and also with our fundraising campaign. Also to our friends, extended families and teachers for their support with our quiz nights.
  • Another massive thank you to our sponsors – Club Garin, Raeward Fresh, Meat Solutions and Pak n Save – we really do appreciate it!
  • And another huge thankyou to Sapphire and Greta who umpired for us.
  • And our final massive thank you to Kate Smith, Ms O’Brien, Mrs Eggers and Ms Crump – we would not have made it without you.
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