Learner Capabilities Year 9 & 10 Garin College

Feb 17, 2022

Why are we focusing on Learner Capabilities at Garin College?

As part of our Strategic Plan – Ako Learning – we have explored in 2020 – 2021 through a Community of Practice (that included all Secondary Schools in the Top of the South), a project whereby the Garin College group identified a particular aspect of practice for evolution and growth. 

We surveyed/ interviewed Garin learners, Garin staff, Garin Whanau and Garin Alumni. Common themes for growth were learner capabilities related to the Aotearoa New Zealand Key Competencies and in particular: 

  • Self Management –  a related concept in te ao Maori would be Rangatiratanga 
  • Collaboration –  a related concept in te ao Maori would be Mahi Tahi 
  • Communication –  a related concept in te ao Maori would be Korero 
  • Problem Solving –  a related concept in te ao Maori would be Whakatau Kaupapa 

These capabilities directly impact our wellbeing and community focus and are not isolated from one another.

What are learner capabilities?

Learner Capabilities are skills that will help you in your learning at Garin College and into your future study and employment

What do we do in this classroom?

Every three weeks, during your Religious Education lesson, you will reflect on where you have developed your skills and set a goal for the next two weeks for all of your classes.

What do I do?

Open up the Google Document set as your assignment every three weeks. 

(1) Place the date in each box for the level you are learning at – example – 18/2/22

(2) Complete the reflection on the area that you need to develop and how you will develop this

Will my parents see this?

Yes, all parents will be sent a notification for them to view your reflection post and discuss this with you at home. 

Who will see this information?

Your whānau and teachers will be able to view your reflection document. They will be sent a notification to view your response and discuss with you how you can continue to grow and improve.

Will this really impact my learning and success?

246 studies were completed on young people developing their ability to develop skills and reflect on these. It has shown to  improve learning for an individual by 7 months. The more you engage in this learning, the more you will see it develop.

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