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Leavers Liturgy

Nov 19, 2021

On Wednesday, 17th November at midday, Garin College celebrated our End-of-year Liturgy with an outdoor
event shared by the whole school and led by Father Seph. This was introduced by our Christian Service leaders
Grace Hall and Christian Stolten. The Reading was acted out central “stage” by our Year 12 Drama Class, who put a
modern-day take on the concept of Jesus performing miracles. This reflected just how real God is in our daily lives
and choices.
Following Father Seph’s Gospel Reading and homily, staff called the Year 13 leavers up one at a time to receive
their candle and Journey Book from a Year 9 student or sibling. Music was played intermittently throughout the
liturgy by Band members, and Prayers of the Faithful were led by Garin staff.
Thank you all for your participation and contribution to this beautiful closing liturgy for our seniors.
If you would like to watch the Liturgy for yourself, here is the link:

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