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Live Reports via KAMAR Portal

May 6, 2022

Years 9 – 13

At Garin College we are committed to communicating regularly about learners’ progress. This resource is to share with you the ways we aim to keep you updated with your child’s learning and achievements this year. 

Student data can be accessed through the KAMAR Parent Portal. Here you can view daily attendance, academic results along with feedback comments, student timetables and school notices. We recommend that whānau check the KAMAR Parent Portal weekly.

For Year 9 & 10, NCEA Level 1, 2 & 3 Learners, you are able to view their 2022 results and comments. You can view the subject, grade and credit weighting they have received. These updates are automatic and occur in real time as soon as our staff have uploaded their results into KAMAR. 

To view Live Reports and their NCEA Results please follow the steps below:

1.To access the portal go to the Garin College website and click ‘Portal’

2. Enter your child’s first and last name (username) and your password

3.To view Live Reports

4.To view Live Reports from previous year

5.To View Live NCEA Results for 2022 

I cannot access the Parent Portal! 

If you cannot access the parent portal please email Jeremy Cumming.  A username and password will be sent through to you.

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