Mahi Toi – Showcase

Jun 30, 2019

The home-based showcase concert was a great back-to-the-future move this year, bringing the
community into our process at the time of energetic creation. The effort put into the House
Dances this year was amazing. All four houses put up a piece to be proud of. There was the
yeehaw energy of McCauley’s western style, the razzamatazz of MacKillop’s musical extravaganza, the precision and formations of Barbier, and the quirkiness of Aubert’s Bob Fosse inspired
dance. The festival brings winter warmth to the whole school, and is highly anticipated every
year. The acts are kept secret and no direct teacher help goes in. What comes out of the
woodwork is amazing. Students that teachers are struggling to motivate in class will suddenly be
leaping around in a lip-sync, or submitting a stunning photo and everyone is seen in a new light.
Everyone shares their talents.
Dan Allan

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