NCEA: Important information for Y12 and Y13

Feb 17, 2022

Kia ora koutou

Welcome to 2022! Following the release of NCEA results on Thursday 20 January, this article covers matters relating to examination papers and processes. You should click on each link to view more detailed information.

Return of examination material
• Most examination material is now submitted in a digital format or scanned. Details about the return of examination material can be found here.
• Information on viewing examination answers for students who completed an examination digitally can be found here.
• An example of a results record and marks for a learner can be found here. The summary of marks and marked examination scripts access are available now.
• Examination papers will not show any particular feedback from the marker and papers typically have few markings on them.

Results on examination papers are not final at this stage
• Any grade can go up from one grade level to the next as a result of a review or a reconsideration (see below).
• The final ‘sign-off’ on all results, both internals and externals, is done once all reviews and reconsiderations have been processed, usually by about the middle of March (or a little later). There is no updated final ‘Results Notice’ provided by NZQA; the Record of Achievement (ROA) becomes your final record or transcript.

Reviews and reconsiderations
• You may wish to apply for a review or reconsideration of your results for NCEA and Scholarship external assessments. This includes examinations, submitted subjects, and portfolios.
• The last date a student can send the online application is:
– NCEA: Friday 25 February 2022
– Scholarship: Friday 4 March 2022
Note that the dates are deadlines that must be followed.
• A grade change may lead to you gaining a ‘new’ award such as, for example, moving from an NCEA Merit endorsement to an Excellence endorsement or a similar change in terms of a subject/course endorsement. For those of you in Year 12 and 13 this could make a difference to your:
– Subsequent application for a Hall of Residence or
– Tertiary scholarship application or
– Your entitlement to a College academic award.

Learning Recognition Credits
Learning Recognition Credits (LRCs) were introduced to help students gain their qualifications despite the COVID-19 disruptions in 2020 and 2021. 2021 credits have been calculated for all students enrolled in 2021 with results gained from 1 March.
Further details of LRCs and how they have been applied to students can be viewed below:
• Students outside Auckland (or not in the categories listed above) here.
Follow this link for further details:
COVID-19: NCEA and University Entrance changes for 2021 » NZQA

How Garin learners see LRCs in their NZQA login
A student can see how many LRCs they gained when they log in to their NZQA Learner account, ‘My School Entries and Results’.

The Derived Grade
• Students who successfully applied for a derived grade (e.g. for health reasons, bereavement) for some or all of their Standards examined in 2021 will not have heard directly from NZQA i.e. ‘no news is good news’. However, if they were unsuccessful, they will by now have received a letter from NZQA advising them of that outcome of their application.
• Note that Results Notices and Records of Learning do not in any way show if a final grade has come from a derived grade application.
Please contact me directly if you have any questions about these matters. Current Year 12 and 13 students – please email directly.

Ngā mihi nui

Jeremy Cumming

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