Netball – Covid Cup

Oct 26, 2020

We’ve experienced a very different year this year due to Covid 19. Many sports were cut short or not played. I’ve been playing volleyball and netball for four years now and this year has definitely been different and difficult. We were only able to play half a season of netball which was quite disappointing for everyone. But thanks to a very committed and awesome teacher, Ms O’Brien, we were able to keep the netball spirit up and running. She organised the first ever netball COVID CUP. This was a netball tournament of mixed teams of all year levels, each competing for the title of COVID CUP winners. Everyone was super pumped and excited that we got to play again in a fun, social environment. It was a great experience for younger players to get involved and play with seniors. It was such a fun time which I think everyone needed. Thank you to everyone who helped along the way and a huge thank you goes out to Ms O’Brien for organising this for us, what an amazing job you did, we really appreciated it! Good on the Gold Diggers for taking the win, Wednesday lunchtime! – Ruby Campbell

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