New Bus Route Numbers

Feb 4, 2022

NEW route Number Description OLD route number Departure
D100401  Dominion Road, Coastal Highway, Westdale Road, Coastal Highway, Appleby Highway, Includes Garin  transfer  7030  7.40 am
D100402  Dominion Road direct, Mapua students and north of Dominion Road turn-off  7032  7.40 am
D100403  Pigeon Valley South Branch Road, Bridge Valley, Mt Heslington, Clover Road, Paton Road  7036  7.35 am
D100404  End points of Wairoa/Garden Valley Rd, Mead Valley Bridge, Wairoa Gorge/Irvine Rd, Garden Valley  7038  7.30 am
D100419  Starts at Wakefield Village Hall, Bird Lane, Higgins Road  7106  7.45 am
D100421  Redwood Valley, Extension to Ridgeview, Appleby School, Moutere Highway, Maisey Road, Coastal  Highway, Appleby Highway, Lansdowne Road  7110  7.25 am
D100422  Speedway track, Lower Queen Street, Lansdowne Road, Main Road, Bartlett Road, Ranzau Road,  Aniseed Valley Road, Paton Road, Whites Road, Main Road Hope  7111  7.55 am
D100423  Aniseed Valley, Haycocks Road students only  7112  7.59 am
D100424  Best Island  7113  7.50 am
D100429  Belgrove to Hiwipango, Wakefield  7118  7.40 am
D100430  Brightwater, travels down Paton Road, Lord Rutherford Memorial, Brightwater Domain, Brightwater  School  7119  7.40 am
D100431  Russ Corner, Waimea West, Teapot Valley Intersection, Main Road Hope  7121  7.40 am
D100432  Wakefield Hunt Terrace, Main Road, Brightwater School, Extends up 88 Valley Road  7123  7.40 am
D100433  Wakefield Shops, Pitfure Road, Main Road Spring Grove  7124  7.45 am
D100434  Belgrove Hotel, Wakefield  7125  7.30 am
D100436  Rutherford Memorial via Ellis street, pick up opposite Brightwater School, Main Road to Waimea Bus  Bay.  *New  8.15 am


PAY BUS  Mot 1  Mapua  7.30 am
PAY BUS Mot 3  Motueka i-SITE/Coastal Highway, pick ups on way to Mapua and College 7.10am

Bus routes are subject to change without notice.

Nelson Coachlines Contact No: – 03 548 3290

Transportme cards can be purchased from the Garin College office during school hours

If you have any difficulties, please contact the Bus Coordinators through the Student Office or see the on-duty staff member in the Bus Bay at 3.20pm.

Afternoon buses depart from Waimea College Bus Bay at 3.20pm

3.35 pm – Route D100419 (7106) departs

3.45 pm – Route D100402 (7032) departs

3.50 pm – Route D100430 (7119) departs

Service operated by TBC Trust

PAY BUS  TBC Trust Motueka i-SITE, Lower Moutere, Upper Moutere (pick ups along the way) to Waimea and then Garin 7.25 am

The return trip will leave Garin College at 3:40 and arrive in Motueka at around 4:35pm. Contact

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