NZAquaBot Challenge

Nov 10, 2019

Over the weekend, two Garin teams competed in the National NZAquaBot Challenge at the Richmond Pool. The Year 9 team, composed of Malika Rai, Eva Doak, Jessie Edmondson, and Wren Brudvik-Linder built an underwater robot and designed it to pick up various Pasifika Trade items and attempt to ‘turn on’ Orion’s Belt through the use of a hall-effect sensor! The girls also created a brilliant presentation that was delivered to Otago Marine Scientist, Richard de Hamel. Team Garin Goldies were THIRD equal in NZAquaBot competition. The Year 11 team, Garin Numerators, composed of Caroline Haley and Brooke Milligan used the school bot to compete in the water portions for a bit of fun. They placed 4th in the ‘Journey Across the Pacific’ portion of the competition showing their keen driving skills. Ka pai Garin, you all did very well!

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