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Our Catholic Character

Mar 31, 2023

This Sunday is Passion (Palm) Sunday

“This man really was God’s Son!” Matthew 27:11-54

The Jews had been longing for a great leader, like one of their Kings of old, who would lead them to victory against the Roman invaders. They thought that Jesus might be that leader. At this time of Passover many Jews gathered in Jerusalem to remember how God had saved them from slavery. But by his actions he shows everyone that he is no earthly king or soldier – he comes as the King of peace, love and forgiveness. This is why he chose to enter the city riding on a donkey, commonly used for carrying loads, rather than a battle horse. It is important at this time of focusing on the agony and desolation of the passion, that we also remember the fact of the resurrection, as described by the evangelists and witnesses who viewed it from the perspective of the risen Christ ascending into glory. [Liturgy Centre, Auckland]

Markelle Ward – Director of Religious Studies

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