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PPTA Union meeting – Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Feb 11, 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Regarding: PPTA Union meeting Tuesday, 22 February, 2022

This is to notify you that the Garin College branch of the Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) has advised the Board of Trustees that teachers will exercise their right to attend a Paid Union Meeting on the afternoon of Tuesday, 22 February, 2022.

Students will therefore be released from class at 12:50pm on that day and we are advising you to take your learner home for the afternoon, if at all possible.

The school will remain open in the afternoon and we will supervise any students attending.
If your learner is going to remain at school please advise the school by emailing our Attendance Officer or phone the college on: 03 543 9488 by Thursday, 17 February.

Students remaining at school are to meet after lunch, 1.30pm in the Gym.

MOE buses with Waimea College will leave from Garin College at 1.05pm (to be at Waimea College bus bay at 1.15pm) and the Garin Express will leave at 1.05pm. Please see specific bus details below.

We appreciate the inconvenience that this may place on you and your learner, however we have a contractual obligation to release staff for this meeting.

Thank you for your assistance

Yours sincerely

John Maguire

Simon Pimm
PPTA Branch Chair

Buses to depart at 1.15pm from Waimea bus bay:

D100401 (7030) – any of these students can go on D100402 (7032) at normal time

D100419 (7106) – any of these students can go on D100403 (7036) at normal time

D100421 (7110) – any of these students can go on D100424 (7113) at normal time

D100430 (7119) – any of these students can go on D100432 (7123) at normal time

D100433 (7124)  will depart Garin at 1.05pm then Waimea – any of these students can go on D100432 (7123) or D100403) 7036 at normal time

D100434 (7125) – any of these students can go on D100429 (7118) at normal time

Buses at usual time 3.20pm:

D100402 (7032) – will depart at 3.50pm

D100403 (7036) – will depart Garin at 3.15pm then the Bull Ring

D100404 (7038)

D100422 (7111)

D100423 (7112)

D100424 (7113)

D100429 (7118)

D100431 (7121)

D100432 (7123)

D100436 (New)

Commercial service runs to Motueka – will depart normal time at 3.45pm

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