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Response to Fire Relief Effort

Feb 21, 2019

At very short notice, members of our Garin College community donated incredibly generously towards the local relief effort to support those affected by the fires. It was an absolute privilege to take the goods and cash donated to the Nelson Suburbs football club, one of the major relief effort bases, on Tuesday and hand over the baskets on behalf of our College. The volunteer team pass on a genuine and very grateful thanks as well.

We are aware many people have given in many different ways towards this effort, and we thank you for your generosity. It was prompting from some of our students which drove this effort and it has been heartwarming to see our young people act so generously to support others. There are ongoing needs related to the fires. If you are interested in helping, one way to connect would be to check community Facebook pages for details. We are also aware that people in our Garin community have been affected by the fires, and say again – please let us know if we can be of support to you. (photo credit: Jonty Perrett)

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