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Show Quest Winner- 2019

May 19, 2019

Such a delight to watch our talented  students in action. This is my ninth year being part of this performance arts competition and it gets better each year. In 2019 Show Quest added some dynamic aspects like wearable arts, media and live music. Our Abyss team got the downstairs green rooms which allowed us outside access (useful for hairspray) and no need to bring our own heating. This year also saw the addition of a wider stage with wings – a BIG plus when you‟re wearing a giant squid costume and you have two inches of visibility! But who needs to see when up against the fashion talents of Lyna and Logan – our designers of the winning Wearable Art category. Plus hats off to Sam Schultz as our dancing squid. Term break had the music team working every day to compose an original music score by Millie P, Ben E, Caitlyn S, Josh H. The on stage props had dancers in them as they were movable crystals designed by Katie M, Skyla and Mr Brendon O‟Sullivan. Our tech team was the young Tobias Y, working with music editing and media. Lighting was Isaiah and Finn F and photography by Jonty P. This year the role of producer was taken by Ayden Slade. Backstage Manager were Ben & Nicholas E. Financial manager was John N. The theme was about the sad conclusion of what results in “deep sea mining”. In Genesis 1:28 says “Fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea”. But this dance shows what happens when humans go too far!. It was really great to see the team pull it all together in the last 6 weeks. It ran smoothly due to the expertise of Sarah Pumphrey our new Art Coordinator, and enthusiastic choreography mentoring was done by Ms Gray and invaluable support Mr O‟Sullivan & Mrs Odie Stratmore-Ching.
Well done Garin!
Kim Pope, TIC Dance

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