Show Quest

May 23, 2021

On Friday night the 14th of May – 45 students represented Garin College at Showquest 2021. It was an opportunity for many students with different skills to be involved in performing arts. We had students in all year levels participating in roles such as lighting technicians, makeup artists, photographers, support crew and dancers. I have borrowed a quote from John Maguire that encompasses the Showquest experience. “Through dance and performance our students are able to express their creativity, talent and solidarity. When combined with Christ’s teachings and our lived Garin values, there is this deeper opportunity for learning and growth to occur, ” The student leaders expressed their highlights of Showquest 2021.- Sapphire – ” Being a leader for this years Showquest was an absolute honour and being put with a great bunch of people was the highlight for Showquest 2021″ Rosa – “My showquest highlight was getting to know people from all over the college. I also really enjoyed the chance to share my love for dance with others” Alice – ” The highlight for me was seeing the team grow and progress. The performance went so well and I couldn’t be prouder.”

We look forward to sharing the performance with you at Mahi Toi.

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