Showquest 2022!

Jun 15, 2022

On Tuesday 14th June, the Garin SHOWQUEST team gathered to prepare for a great day. The make-up team got straight to work and the students helped each other with all the braiding that had to be done. We were able to run the performance a couple of times before we headed off on the bus. Once at the Theatre Royal, it was all on.
We had a short stage rehearsal time which Liam used to finalise the lighting plan, and the team were able to space themselves on the stage. Unlike other years, we did not have a live show, but the students gave the performance for the recording all their energy. Next week we will receive the results of the judging and will be able to see how the performance looked on screen.
All of the Garin students who were involved with the show this year should feel really proud of the end result. There were so many talented and dedicated people involved and the leaders did a great job; planning, leading, organising and rehearsing in unusual circumstances. Credit to Rosa, Jorja, Ellen, Theo and Lucien. (and thanks to the adults who support this adventure).



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