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Sep 8, 2023

This is Social Justice Week

Te Wiki o te Whai Tika

Our two big events for Social Justice Week (and the weeks following) are well underway:

  • Caritas Challenge – Cardboard City 2023

On Friday 8th September we begin our 18-hour Caritas Challenge at 5 pm at Garin College. Between 5-11 pm we will construct a cardboard city in the R-block atrium, participate in a variety of ‘Move It’ activities and games, cook and eat plain rice for dinner, pop plain popcorn for supper, and reflect on the lives of millions of people around the world who are refugees, migrants or homeless.

The theme of ‘going without’ will continue overnight in our own homes and into Saturday morning as participants complete the 18 hours of ‘Move it’, fasting and reflection (including some sleep).

Thank you to the 30 participants including staff who have committed to this challenge. You can donate to Caritas via the school office, or sponsor one of the students involved (contact Mrs Ward for details). 

  1. Shave for a Cure – 2023: For Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC)

Congratulations to the 18 ‘shavees’ who are now fully registered as Team Garin and are preparing for the Shave-for-a-Cure event here at Garin College between 1-3 pm on Friday 22nd September, the last day of Term 3. Fundraising efforts have now exceeded $8,000.00 and rising – a tremendous effort.


  • Mrs Sally Andrew
  • Mr Adrian Cox
  • Cherry Moore
  • Rory Whitehead
  • Theo Berriman
  • Harrison Newsome
  • Lono Kalani
  • Blake Oudhoff
  • Archer Nolan
  • Gus Lowry
  • Brianna McKay
  • Jedd Turner
  • Charlie Joblin
  • Zac O’Sullivan
  • Blake Richardson
  • Josh Ingram
  • Oscar Sax
  • Caleb Newton
  • Samantha Forgan

To make a donation simply go to the Shave for a Cure website: Shave for a Cure donation to Team Garin and click on the Donate button, type ‘Team Garin’ into the search bar and go from there. You can donate to an individual participant or to ‘Team Garin’ generally.

Well done to our ‘shavees’ for this courageous commitment.

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