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Special Character Calendar

Sep 21, 2023

  • Caritas Challenge – Cardboard City 2023

Thank you to the 24 participants and staff who committed to this year’s Cardboard City challenge. To date we have raised over $600 for Caritas.  

  • Shave for a Cure – 2023: For Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC)

Congratulations to the 19 ‘shavees’ who are now fully registered as Team Garin and are preparing for the Shave-for-a-Cure event here at Garin College between 1-3 pm this Friday 22nd September. Fundraising efforts have now exceeded $12,000.00 – well done!

This Sunday is the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time:  ‘Workers in the vineyard’ 

GOSPEL Matthew 20: 1-16 

In this week’s Gospel, the vineyard owner pays the workers who had been hired at five in the afternoon a full day’s pay for just one hour’s work. The workers who had been hired first thought they would be given more because clearly they had worked far longer than the others. But when they were given the same, they began to complain to the owner of the vineyard.  ”Jesus then said, “So it is! Everyone who is now first will be last.”

This Gospel challenges our human understanding of the principles of fairness and generosity. God does not operate on a formula of who deserves what. The owner makes a point of having the last workers paid first in full view of the others. If those who had worked the full day hadn’t known the later ones were paid the same,  they would have gone away happy with their remuneration and not been any the wiser. But they saw what was paid and we can sense their frustration – it is easy to agree that this was really unfair!

The story reflects an issue that had arisen in Matthew’s community. Jewish Christians who had come to faith in Jesus early and had been persecuted for that faith, are seeing new-comers, mostly Greek converts, being offered the same reward. 

The message of this parable?

  • God is sovereign and his generosity extends to all believers regardless of merit.
  • God grants his promises to all who labour in his Vineyard.
  • We should not succumb to petty jealousies and rivalries.
  • God allows no distinction between persons.

PSALM 145 

The Lord is near to all who call on him.

LORD, I will praise you each day and always honour your name. 

You are wonderful, LORD, and you deserve all praise, because you are much greater than anyone can understand. You are merciful, LORD! You are kind and patient and always loving. 

You are good to everyone, and you take care of all your creation. Our LORD, everything you do is kind and thoughtful, and you are near to everyone whose prayers are sincere.

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