Journey Programme

The Journey Programme is a unique experience offered to Garin College students. Every year from Year 9 students engage in an outdoor camp experience with a themed Journey for their learning, discovery, friendships, spiritual and personal growth.

Journey Programme

Year 9

  • Basecamp – Whenua iti Outdoors (WIO) – BELONGING (Encountering)
  • Knowing God, Finding God in Creation, ourselves and through friendship
  • New beginnings, building friendships

Year 10

  • Te Haerenga Waka – Marahau- McDonalds Farm – GUARDIANSHIP (Knowing)
  • Acceptance of Self and others
  • Our relationship with the environment
  • Challenging ourselves, self-discovery and building team
  • Exploring our bicultural relationship

Year 11

  • Kaitiakitanga – Canaan Downs – COLLABORATING (Seeking)
  • Myself in relation to others, God and creation
  • Contribution/ Making a difference

Year 12

  • Ascent – Abel Tasman/WIO – SERVANT LEADER (Affirming)
  • Jesus the model of compassion and a visionary leader
  • Team-ship, fellowship

Year 13

  • Summit – Marahau-Outdoor Centre – MISSION (Witnessing)
  • Stepping Out – Taking the Gospel to the world
  • Search for the Hero within
  • Our last year…goals hopes and dreams
  • Leading, role modelling

Journey Programme