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Top Te Aho

Sep 23, 2022

The following Year 9 & 10 learners achieved top marks in their Te Aho report for weeks 7 & 8, term three.

The marks required for this are an average of 3.4/ 4 across all of their classes.

Te Aho reports focus on the following skills and learning behaviours which learners below have achieved to a high standard:

  1. Demonstrates an excellent approach to learning, presenting the best of their abilities at all times
  2. Is independently motivated and disciplined in their learning and frequently exceeds expectations of persistence and independence in their learning
  3. Consistently demonstrates the highest standards of attention and focus in class, contributing where appropriate to group or classroom learning, demonstrating active listening skills at all times
  4. Is always punctual and well presented

Year 9

Tiffany Ashton

Charlotte Baxter

Theo Berriman

Chloe Burnett

Dominic Campbell

Lily Corbett

Anna Hurren

Riley Kennedy

Daniel Kersten

Ella Main

David Maunghlg

Niamh McGlinchey

Finn McTague

Amelia Nolan

Annabella Osborne

Sapphire Paul

Freddie Pollitt

Douglas Robertson

Emma Wallace

Year 10

Nick Boonyakit

Heidi Goodman

Hannah McDonnell

Theo McGillivray

Jasmine Mortimer

Holly Oliver

Abbie Parker

Finn Russ

Emily Woodbridge

Dorina Worboys


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