Uniform Procedures & Expectations

May 24, 2023

Just a reminder that at Garin College we value our students’ appearance and for them to take pride in their uniform. If for any reason, your student is unable to wear part of their correct uniform, then they will require a day pass issued by their whānau teacher. Parents are encouraged to support their student by providing a note if they are unable to wear the correct uniform. Your support in this diminishes the need for our staff to engage in discussion regarding uniform compliance with your student at school.

During terms 2 and 3, Year 11 to 13 students are to wear the formal winter uniform.  This includes their blazer, tie, long trousers or skirt.

Students are required to wear this to and from school and throughout the day. Hoodies are not permitted at any time, including extra-curricular Garin hoodies. Students wearing hoodies and incorrect uniform items will be required to correct their uniform and/or remove incorrect items.

For additional warmth during winter months, students may wear a black puffer or plain black jacket to and from school and at morning tea or lunch. We ask that students not wear their jackets in the classrooms, as these are heated.


How we can support Students and Whānau with uniform? Where Parents, Caregivers and Whānau would benefit from financial assistance to support their student/s in wearing correct uniform, the College can assist. Please contact our school office, Year level Dean or a Senior Leader in confidence and you will be guided toward our Uniform Financial Grant. We also have our onsite second hand uniform shop open Tuesdays from 12.45 – 3.30pm.

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