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Why Choose Garin College

Catholic Special Character

Garin College is a school with a unique focus on faith and character. We believe our Creator made each individual and as educators in a Catholic school, we work with our Creator to help young people become the fully formed adults they were created to be. Garin College works hard in the formation of young people as responsible and principled citizens whose lives are based on the teachings of Jesus.


We foster a holistic approach to learning, character growth and development in all areas of life. This means we educate the whole person God created: academic, physical, spiritual, emotional, moral and creative.

Meaningful Relationships

Garin College facilitates an atmosphere where students and staff develop deep relationships built on trust, mutual respect and support for one another. We cultivate a safe environment where students are taught to care for one another and accept those who are different. At Garin College, it’s OK to make mistakes and we foster an environment where restoration and reconciliation are actively encouraged.

Excellence in Education

At Garin College, each student is encouraged to develop all of their gifts and talents – but we are particularly proud of our academic successes. Our students consistently deliver strong academic performance across all subject disciplines. We actively encourage students to apply themselves diligently and reach their full potential.


Inspiring Environment

Our modern architecture creates a positive atmosphere that is conducive to positive learning. Garin College provides a bright, open and spacious layout that feels safe and inviting.

Rich New  Zealand Culture

Garin College honours the rich New Zealand culture that is a part of our heritage. We provide extensive opportunities for students to study Kapa Haka (Māori performing arts), which is a key part of our identity as New Zealanders. Students also have the opportunity to create beautiful Mahi Toi (art), study Te Reo Māori (Māori language) and develop an understanding of the rich Māori culture.

Garin College provides opportunities for students to experience the rich beauty of the New Zealand scenery in the surrounding region with our extensive outdoor education programs. Garin College is located in the heart of The Nelson Tasman region and is a jumping off point to the stunning natural landscapes in the area. There is easy access to beaches, mountains, rivers and lakes in the surrounding area and we facilitate opportunities for students to access the amazing beauty of these landscapes.