Why should we look back at Covid-19 in 50 years?

Jun 14, 2020

Why should we look back at Covid-19 in 50 years? We were set the task in class to think about what story we would want to tell about Covid-19 fifty years in the future. We think we should look back on the corona-virus in the future because it is such a big event in history it can’t really be ignored and it has affected us all in different ways. It is something that we can’t forget as it has taken so many lives worldwide. The story we wanted to tell in fifty years’ time would be about the different levels of the virus and what life in lock-down was like. The technology we used, the different ways we could exercise and most of all the changes in the way we shopped.

How did we plan? It was important that as a group we all contributed and shared our ideas. We first had to decide what story we wanted to tell, did we want to tell the story of what happened at home, what technology we used, the story of the healthcare system, what happened in NZ or what happened around the world. One of us thought of the idea to have a separate room for each alert level (though we had to predict what level one would look like) and we all added to the plan.

How we made the model: The model was split into four different rooms. Beginning from level one and ending in level four. In addition, we added things like, the different rules you had to follow throughout the levels, what doctors wore during the time, and the Covid-19 posters. We included arrows on the floor pointing to each of the rooms, instructing the public where to go throughout the museum. So you could walk through the four rooms as if you are walking through the four levels of Covid-19 in New Zealand. By Malika, Jessie and Wren

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