Year 11 Journey Camp

Mar 15, 2020

“This year’s camp was full of new and fun experiences: caving, outdoor rock climbing, mountain biking and navigating were activities I had not done before. Despite the wet and cold weather, I had a great time having a go and having fun with my friends.” “I think that this camp was a great experience, and I enjoyed it a lot. One of the highlights for me was Mountain Biking as I got to stretch my abilities in something I really hadn’t done before. The rain & wind enhanced the experience as it was nice brushing on my face.” “Camp was good this year especially the mountain biking which was my favourite activity as I feel like it was the one that I haven’t really done before. The people and vibe of the whole camp was amazing as well I think we all got on really well and just had a good time.” “I felt as though I got closer to everyone on camp and got to know them better, I really enjoyed all the activities and working with my group, but my favourite activity was caving. I banged my head on the same place twice and loved going through the wormhole.” “I learnt lots of things from camping. I did a lot of things that I’ve not done before. I’ve never caved before, it was very nice in a cave it was very dark and cold but stalactites and stalagmites are so beautiful and I met a lot of new friends.” “On camp we did lots of things: mountain biking, navigation, caving and rock climbing. Each of these activities presented different challenges for everyone. It was difficult when the rain was pouring down and all you wanted was to have a hot shower and crawl into your sleeping bag, but fun when you were racing down a trail on your bike. Overall it was a good adventure.” “The staff of Whenua Iti did a great job of explaining the areas around us and keeping us entertained on the way with riddles and jokes. One of my favourite activities was the caving; this is because it was something I have never done before and brought me closer together with everyone.” “The activities on camp this year were great. Each one had its high and lows and they all sent adrenaline rushing through your body, whether it was at the top of the rock climbing wall or speeding down the hill on your mountain bike, it was fun!” “Camp was a really fun new experience for me. I did lots of activities that I had never done before, which was awesome fun to do with my friends. I became really close with people I never thought I would talk to.” “Year 11 camp was a good time, not only was it fun but it was a good time to hang out with your friends, it was fun to do activities like caving, climbing, mountain biking and navigation and interesting to learn how to navigate with a compass and all about what is going on in a cave.” “Caving gave us all a chance to get outside our comfort zones, as going underground is not an everyday thing! It was really interesting seeing all of the structures and features of the caves, and learning about how caves are formed.” “Mountain biking was a good opportunity to have some time to myself, we were able to go at our own speed and be alone in the bush for a while. I loved mountain biking because I got to enjoy the scenery and have fun at the same time. All up, camp was a really great experience and I feel like I have gained skills that I can now put to use in my everyday life.”

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