Year 11 Journey Camp

Mar 31, 2019

During the timeframe of the 11th to 15th of March, our year 11 students have been on their Camp Journey at Canaan Downs. The beautiful and astonishing Takaka Hills provided the students with many incredible, once in a lifetime opportunities such as caving, climbing, mountain biking and navigating their way through thick bush with only a compass and a map to find their way to Harwoods Hole! Many of the students faced challenges and fears but all stepped out of their comfort zones and gave it their all. The Whenua Iti Outdoors team (WIO) were skilful, impressive and trusting leaders who ensured that not only were the students safe but having a fantastic time. There are many laughs and memories that can be taken away from their experiences on year 11 Journey. A few of the year 11 students gave feedback from the Journey camp, Kiera Handley commented, “I loved every activity we did on this camp, even though it rained I made so many memories and became closer with friends.”. David Ashley stated, “Camp was so awesome! I loved being in the outdoor environment for a change!” and lastly Alice Knoef quoted, “Mountain biking was super fun! Well until it turned into a slip and slide!”. Thank you to the teachers who accompanied the year 11s who were: David Dewhurst, Lindsay FurlongTaylor, Leanne Reiha, Peter Mellor, Mary Brodie and Mandy Ditzel. They made the camp so much more exciting with their positive and cheerful vibes, at one point the students even got David Dewhurst dancing and rapping about „biking and hiking‟! Each night the students had time to reflect on their days and the relationship between themselves, others and creation. We would like to give the Whenua Iti Outdoors team, Mr John Maguire
(principal), Mr Tracy Stock (deputy principal), teachers, parents and guardians for funding, and the students a big thank you for the participation and help as it wouldn‟t have happened or been the same without you. It was a great start to the year for the Year 11 group. Article by Elysia Green

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