Year 12 Leadership Camp

Oct 4, 2021

Last Friday, the 24th of September, the Year 12 students of Garin College had the opportunity to head off to
Whenua Iti for a one-day event in place of the originally planned three-day camp. Students broke into groups led
by the staff and got to know each other through puzzling mind-benders and competitive games. All students participated in many rotations such as the low ropes, high ropes, trapeze, climbing frames, orienteering, obstacle
course, and team-building exercises. These activities allowed students to get to know each other better and connect on a deeper level as we earned each other’s trust and formed new friendships.
At the end of an exhausting but exciting day, all came together for a leadership workshop led by Mr Maguire, with
the help of some current Year 13 leaders. Students learnt about responsibility and their role in the school, and
how they could be examples for years to come. The day ended with shared karakia and kai: burgers, salad, and
brownies – the best way to end a fun-filled day!

Thank you to the staff who supported the Journey Camp on the day: Mr Cumming, Mrs Eggers, Mr Maguire and
Ms Butler – and to the amazing team at Whenua Iti Outdoors.
By Josephine Hills

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