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Year 9 – 10 Junior Parent Teacher Conferences

Mar 8, 2024

25 & 26 March

The Year 9 and Year 10 Junior Parent Teacher Conferences will be held at school on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 March, 1.30 – 5.30pm. Conference times will be available for booking through the Kamar portal from this Monday, 11 March, at 3pm; booking instructions will be shared with you.

Note, students will be released at the end of period 4, 12.50pm both days. Buses will run at their usual times. Students will be supervised in the library if required.

Please ensure you can access the Kamar portal beforehand; refer to previously emailed instructions. Contact the office should you need support.

How do I access the KAMAR Portal?
Either directly by going to: or from the Garin website by clicking on the word “Portal” (found in Maroon strip near the top of the page).


The length of each conference is five minutes and will enable you to discuss with our teachers the learning, progress and next steps in learning for your son or daughter. 

Please make sure when making a booking that you allow one interview space (5 minutes) before moving onto the next interview as they occur across several rooms throughout the College. 

If there is a teacher who you would like to see and are unable to on both days, please email them and they can organise an email response for you.

The system will allow only one interview per Garin learner per teacher for each of the days. In order to allow all whānau equal access to book appointments please do not book for the same learner and teacher on both days. Multiple bookings will be removed. 

Paul Bucknall

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