Yr 10 Monastery Project

Sep 22, 2019

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For this topic, we studied life in the Medieval Ages. We learned how important the Catholic Church was to society. Each student had the opportunity to build a 3D monastery in any fashion (cake, cardboard, or Minecraft). I created mine out of cereal boxes and household packages. Next we delved into the life of a knight and a monk and discovered what it was like to live when they did. We learnt about the hardships they had to face and the environment in which they lived. We looked at monasteries and how they set the timetable for the village folks and peasants, next we discussed the positioning of the rooms and buildings, and we learnt a lot. It’s significant to the church because faith was kept alive through the ministry of the monastery. Masses were frequent and community services were a must. It also provided basic education for many. We are all sitting in a catholic school – this wouldn’t be possible without the monasteries. They were also vital to preserving literature and books. It is a huge impact that religious education is able to be taught today and remembered because without the monastery the culture wouldn’t be here. It’s the building blocks for a thoughtful and caring society and teaches us even the most basic of characteristics, like tact and kindness. It also provided people with the opportunity for families and businesses to flourish causing the lifestyle we have today. I believe that the Year 10’s views of the Catholic Social Teachings have been changed dramatically due to the extensive research we did about the topic. It helped us realize that all people make sacrifices and decisions that will benefit the later generation. We learnt about the different areas of the teachings and how they can be used. Making decisions for the greater good is vital for an ongoing faith and education as the knowledge of all areas will blossom as experience is gained. Monasteries displayed Social Justice by keeping people safe and this meant that the teachings grew more known and were kept in place. We should all try to live by the Catholic Social Teachings because it is a common belief that it is what Jesus wants us to do and this assignment has helped us understand them more and where they came from.

by Josephine Hills

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