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Colours Assembly

Mar 4, 2019

Our annual  celebration was an absolute highlight this week. We congratulate and thank all our students for their energy, effort and commend them on their success in their NCEA achievement in 2018. In the Colours Assembly we focus on the students in Level 1,2,3 NCEA who gained Maroon Colours and Gold Endorsed colours for their outstanding academic achievement. Our teachers and parents have played an enormous part in our students success and we thank all of you for your commitment and dedication throughout the year. I thank our guest speaker and Head of English Faculty Ms Abbie Wright for her insightful, reflective, and personal account of her life and academic learning journey. For Abbie learning is a never ending journey in which she recognises the imortance of not going it alone, that others are there to lean on and support you throughout your journey. Thank you Abbie for sharing your story and the beautiful whakatauki.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini

The combined efforts of many are needed to complete a project


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