Dux 2022

Dec 7, 2022

Congratulations to Grace Robson

It gives me great pleasure to  congratulate Grace Robson who with a GPA of 0.91 received the Sir Patrick and Lady Hillary Goodman Trophy for Outstanding Achievement.

Her achievements include:

Distinction in English

Distinction in Biology

Distinction in Statistics

Distinction in Spanish

McKee Charitable Trust Award for Excellence in Science

Tim Miller Plumbing Award for Excellence in Spanish

Naked Eye Award for Distinction in Visual Art

NPD Award for Distinction in Statistics

In addition, Grace also receives:

Richmond Office Products Award for Academic Excellence

Neltech Award for Excellence

Libelle Award for Outstanding Commitment to Learning

Network Tasman Award for Top Female Scholar Year 13

The Office Max Award for Top Scholar Year 13

Aqua Taxi Award for Supreme Achievement

And of course the Sir Patrick and Lady Hilary Goodman Trophy for Outstanding Achievement as Dux of the School.

Grace’s highlight of her time at Garin was many special moments in the company of some special friends.  Next year, Grace will take a gap year in the USA before studying Zoology at Otago University.

Congratulations again Grace on this outstanding achievement.

John Maguire

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