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Reader’s Cup

Jul 25, 2021

This year my friends and I went on a trip with our librarian to Nayland College for the 2021 Readers Cup. Garin entered two teams of five and we all had to read some of the 6 books that Mrs Ditzel gave us. We all started with one book each and by the end we had to have read at least two or three of the six books in the 10 weeks leading up to the competition. On the day, the teams have to answer 10 questions about each book and bonus questions about other books. During the competition they give out spot prizes for guessing a book’s author, characters or a thing from a wellknown book that wasn’t in the competition. All seventeen teams from around Nelson, Marlborough & Golden Bay had to dress up and come up with cool names, our team was called the Question Marks and we all came in different coloured tutu’s, the other Garin team was called the Pink Fluffy Unicorns and wore horns and tails. My team came 13th and the other team came 14th. We both did really well! At the end everyone got to take a book home of their choice. We all had an amazing time and it was a great opportunity to read different books that we would never have picked for ourselves, hang out with friends and meet new people from other schools who also loved books. Mrs Ditzel helped organize the whole event and they did a great job. I think a highlight for me was reading new books and learning about what other people thought of all the books. It was an amazing experience!
By Kate Rankin.

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