Year 10 Subjects

All areas of the curriculum are compulsory at this level. 

Religious Studies

Course Description:

The theme of Christian Journey is significant within all topic areas. Students will come to appreciate how their own life and learning is influenced by the way they relate to others and their engagement in the wider faith community. By reflecting upon the journey of others they will understand how their own stories and the story of Christianity are connected and have given shape to the world today.

Cost: Licence to use digital resources $ 7 (TBC)

Sexuality and Relationships Programme $10 (TBC)

Journey Programme $200 (TBC)


Course Description:

This course is divided into key areas of the NZ English Curriculum. Focus areas for developing reading, writing and speaking skills, include a film study, a poetry unit, a text connections unit, and a written text study. Foundation skills, including writing conventions and language techniques, will be integrated in all learning areas.

Costs: Nil


Course Description:

The student will increase understanding of number and algebra, geometry and statistics. They will be exposed to electronic calculation methods to complement mental and written skills. They will increase their ability to structure and to organise, to carry out procedures flexibly and accurately, to process and communicate information and to enjoy intellectual challenge.

Costs: $22 – mathletics or workbooks


Course Description:

Students will apply the scientific knowledge and skills they have learned in Year 9 and use them to communicate effectively their observations and the patterns they see in the context of chemical reactions, adaptations, geology, machines and genetics. They will take part in informed discussion and debate on a range of science-related issues, making decisions about the protection and wise use of earth’s resources.

Cost: $18 Science Workbook

Social Studies

Course Description:

The aim of Social Studies is to engender wonder, enthusiasm and an appreciation of the human, natural and economic environments we live in. While experiencing new ideas and posing controversial questions, students are encouraged to achieve their personal level of excellence. Students will run their own enterprise activity as well as investigate and explore some of the key events, people, and perspectives from the past. They will learn about their local, regional and national geography and also look at economic events that have shaped the New Zealand economy and that affect how sustainable it is.

Cost: Nil

Physical Education and Health

Course Description:

Level 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) is used to design the Year 10 programme and this course builds on the learning experiences from Year 9. Students continue to participate in a wide range of physical activities to further develop their key competencies. An emphasis is placed on developing interpersonal skills within physical activity and performing as a team member. Students explore health related issues affecting teenagers within this course.

Cost: $8 for the student workbook

Students select two of the four Technology subjects:

Materials Technology

Course Description:

Students will use the design process to solve real-life problems. Students will develop practical skills and processes, and will use materials to construct projects, based on their own designs. Adaptation and innovation are at the heart of technological practice. Technology is influenced by the environmental, ethical and economic conditions of the day and never stays still.  Technology at Garin aims to give students life skills that are transferable into many fields.

Cost: $60 project materials.

Digital Technology

Course Description:

Students develop the computer languages they explored in Year 9 and study Python to grow their computational thinking.  They learn about a range of digital outcomes before exploring an authentic issue, and developing a concept for a website. They will be expected to design the website for a specific user, test the website and use feedback to inform their ideas.

Additional skills include: CSS, Javascript, image editing, basic animation, building tables, exploring spreadsheets.

Cost: $15 for consumables including peripherals, licences, printing, cables, printer filament, batteries, stakeholder costs.  

Food Technology

Subject: Technology

Level: Year 10

Code: 10FOD

Course Description:

Students will use the design process to solve real-life problems and improve their skills and efficiency. Students will learn practical skills in the area of Food preparation, handling and storeage.  Technology at Garin aims to ensure our students are at the forefront of Technology education and the classroom kitchen is a well-designed and modern learning enviornment.

Cost: $80 

Fashion and Design

Course Description:

Students will learn about, and apply, fashion design processes to create their own designs inspired by the practice of design and fashion. There will be an emphasis on developing practical knowledge and skills alongside an increased awareness of the world of design.

Cost: $55 to cover costs of fabric and pattern.


Students select two of the three Arts subjects:


Course Description:

Students will develop the skills and techniques established in the Year 9 programme and investigate various fields of the Visual Arts (drawing, sculpture, print, paint and design). The course is designed to provide a rich base for students to use at Level 1. An extension programme is available for students if ability is recognised and the student intends to pursue Art at Level 1.

Cost: $15 course materials


Course Description:

The Year 10 Music course focuses on defining and developing an in depth understanding of the elements of music. Students will spend time analysing music from a range of different genres and ethnicities and exploring the music’s cultural and social contexts. Students will engage in regular performance music sessions and will learn about different music technologies. They will have opportunities to create music and will reflect on the effectiveness of their own and other’s compositions and performances.

Cost: $5 Manuscripts and listening material


Dance and Drama

Course Description:

A practical course, focused on learning through performance opportunities. There are units on Improvising with Narrative, Acting with Scripts, Devised Dance, plus a special topic that varies each year. Units of work will be assessed in the style of NCEA in preparation for NCEA Level 1. The achievement objectives of this course are to build performance skills and knowledge, develop cooperation and communication skills, and build confidence.

Cost: $5 

One of the Languages must be selected:


Course Description:

This full year course builds on the basic foundations of Spanish learned in Year 9 and develops them through to readiness for NCEA in Year 11. Students learn to express and respond to their personal needs and interests in a variety of situations in Spanish. They use their knowledge of Hispanic culture to communicate appropriately.

Cost: Nil



Entry Guidelines: 

Genuine interest in Māori language and culture.

Course Description:

An integrated te reo Māori course, which focuses on the development of the four main components of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The achievement objectives of this course are to successfully develop students’ understanding of the Māori language and culture.

Cost: Nil




English Language Learning

Course Descriptions:

For students learning English as a second language. This course covers:

  • Writing skills – writing a description text, a personal letter, grammar and sentence structures.
  • Reading skills – reading along the lines, oral reading, silent reading.
  • Listening skills – listening to songs, speeches, instructions.
  • Speaking skills – informal conversation, phone conversation, interviews, role plays.

Cost: Nil

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